Our members are extremely happy with our facility,  the service and attention to detail of our experienced coaches. Here is what they had to say…

I have been doing CrossFit for a little under two years. My box will be closing next year, so I thought I would jump start my search for a new CrossFit gym. I went to Aim Higher because I know Thiago from his days as a personal trainer at Equinox and it is right around the corner from my job. Although I love my former box, I was immediately impressed with Aim Higher. They do take those extra steps to ensure that your work-outs are injury-free by starting each session with foam rolling (self-myofascial release) and then a sequence of warm up exercises. You then move on to the skill (of the day) and finally, the actual WOD. The coaches concentrate on form and if you know anything about CrossFit, you understand the importance of proper form during olympic weightlifting. They maintain the right ratio of coach to member so the coach has time to work with you. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they offer mobility classes. Again, something that is often overlooked, but extremely important if you want to improve your CrossFit skills and stay injury free. Additionally, they offer classes dedicated solely to olympic weightlifting. All the coaches are great and so is the staff. If you are looking for a new box, feel that you have hit a plateau, or just want to try CrossFit, this is the place. Aim Higher is really a great box!

5 Stars – Vivian Guzman

When the rest of Crossfit finally follows the example that Aim Higher is setting, it will truly revolutionize fitness. As an educator of fitness professionals, I can see where many challenges are and where the trends are likely to rise. Aim Higher Crossfit has incorporated needed corrective exercise techniques into it’s classes so that their members avoid the injuries that sometimes give other Crossfits a bad name. In addition, the gym is clean, the people are friendly, the staff is organized, and its an all around pleasure to be there. Well done.

5 stars – James Goodlatte


I’ve visited boxes all around the country and this is one of the best. Their facility is nice, but most importantly, their trainers and knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Would definitely recommend if you are in the area!

 5 stars – Chad Carlos


I have been going regularly to Aim Higher and it has exceeded my expectations. It is a very clean gym with a friendly staff, but what sold me was their attention on injury prevention. Unfortunately, CrossFits have a reputation as injuring their regulars. They often lack the necessary time educating their members on proper technique AND going to heavy. The classes at Aim Higher spend 15 minutes foam rolling and then 10 minutes of dynamic warmup. Next there is a skill we work on and then we get into the WOD. The classes are small and the trainers have their eyes on you and your best interests at heart. They vary the workouts so you are never repeating body parts the following day and it is always different. Lastly, it is a fun environment which keeps me coming back and able to achieve my goals. I highly recommend trying a class!!

 5 stars – Erin Yanowitch


As a Canadian visiting Miami, I had the opportunity to work out at this gym almost everyday for 3 weeks. I felt inspired & uplifted by the staff coaches who had fit bodies but the difference is that they made me feel like it was possible for me too. I just needed the correct training. That gave me the motivation to arrive everyday knowing I was going to have a complete workout based on challenging but safe movements & principles learned during the prerequisite basic training of Powerhouse class. This is very distinct to this gym. Coach Ryan encouraged me everyday by accompanying me with his ”mental toughness” approach which pushed me to accomplish & power through demanding workouts. Of course it was difficult but ultimately it became empowering and made the difference for me in staying focused on my goal of becoming fitter & healthier. To top that, an added benefit was the mobility class which helped me in easing the muscle tension & physical soreness which occurs when starting a new workout regimen. Feeling less tight post workouts definitely was an added bonus. How unique is that! Thanks Coach Melanie! Without a shadow of a doubt, I highly recommend this gym. Your body will thank you! 🙂

 5 stars- Sandra Pittana


My wife, Mic, and I signed up with Aim Higher Crossfit a month ago and cannot be more pleased with the results – of course the most important thing are the results when rating a gym. Great facility, excellent location, the best equipment, well structured programs, and top professional and courteous staff – I believe that covers everything we were looking for in a gym. We signed up for the Mobility Class as I am still recovering from surgery I had 12 months ago. Coach Melanie Rinaldi and other members of the staff have done an incredible job dealing with my physical challenges, and my wife is also very pleased with the results. Our son is a professional athlete and also trains at Aim Higher and is equally pleased – so there is something here for everyone looking to improve their fitness level and overall feeling of well being.

 5 stars – Peter Von Moltke

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