Aim Higher CrossFit is committed to delivering the HIGHEST STANDARDS in coaching, equipment and facility. Our mission is to deliver a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and COMPLETE exercise program. We are ready to accomodate all kinds of individuals on our exercise regimen.  At Aim Higher we believe strength is both improved through the body and the mind. CrossFit, Mobility, Boxe, Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga are our specialties and all complement each other. Boxe and Jiu Jitsu are great self defense approaches , Crossfit enhances strength and explosiveness while MOBILITY is fundamental for stretching your muscles for enhanced performance,

finally YOGA strengthens your core, mind and soul.

Be ready for a great CUSTOMER SERVICE experience provided by our PROFESSIONAL coaches and staff, we are all committed to helping you ACHIEVE your goals quickly and safely. Call or email us to arrange a tour of the facility. We also offer a FREE CrossFit class every saturday at 10 a.m.
Stop by and see for yourself why Google users in Miami awarded us with 5 star reviews !

Come and LIVE the Aim Higher experience


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Square feet


Days a week


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  • Power House / Initiation Class

    Monday and Wednesday @ 7pm

    A class on CrossFit fundamentals. Teaching technique and form for beginners. MANDATORY COURSE for safety reasons.

    If you are unable to attend these classes a 90 minutes one on one powerhouse class is offered. Our staff will accomodate your needs for a day and time.

  • Ultimate Functional Cardio Class

    Lunch time express format 45/50 minutes

    Minimum equipment, mostly body weight exercises with many cardio components through out the entire circuit a perfect class for those who want to decompress the office stress during lunchtime… Get fit don’t get fat.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    Our Olympic weightlifting program will emphasize the proper form, technique, footwork, and body mechanics necessary to successfully complete the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. The duration of this class is one hour and thirty minutes long which allows time for the proper Injury prevention warm ups. Safety is our number 1 priority

  • Mobility Class

    Prophylactic Class to prevent and avoid common injuries through a combination of dynamic and static stretching. Taught by Coach Tommy Rodriguez , this class is fundamental to increase performance and prevent injuries keeping your body flexible and ready for explosive movements

  • CrossFit Classes

    A group fitness setting with a maximum of 25 members and two coaches. Most exercises executed in a circuit format. Broken down mostly in three PROGRESSIVE phases. Warm up / Skills / WOD. We are ready to accommodate individuals with different levels of fitness on the same regiment adjusting volume and intensity in another words we are ready for everyone that wants to get in shape safely.

    Join us for our free trial session every saturday at 1o a.m.

  • CrossFit Platinum - Semi Private

    One Coach 4 individuals

    A very exclusive fitness approach embracing exercise, diet and quick results in a very fun environment. Followed by an exclusive monthly newsletter, monthly fitness assessment and nutritional guidelines.

    Extra fee applies
  • ROW600

    This class is a combination of high intensity interval training with full body functional movements and rowing in order to achieve maximum caloric expenditure in an express format of 50 minutes. Our highly knowledgeable coaches are ready to accommodate anyone from beginner to advanced in a safe controlled environment. Row 600 will not only burn calories during the 50 minute class but will stimulate the “EPOC effect” (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) meaning you continue to burn calories for several hours afterwards.

  • Boxing

    The boxing class is a combination of circuit training and full body movement in a boxing format, focused on cardio and conditioning. With technique clinics once a month.The class is divided into specific warm ups followed by five stations; jump rope, shadow boxing, foot work, core and punching bag technique.

  • Yoga

    Every Saturday morning at 9am enjoy a YOGA session with KATRINA BILANCHONE.

    OPENING SOON : YOGA STUDIO inside Aim Higher’s facility. We will be offering daily Yoga session starting March 2017

  • Jiu-Jitsu

    BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locksand chokeholds to defeat the opponent.

    Monday’s , Wednesdays at 8pm. Fridays at 7pm